Ona B.: Rotes Glück

termín: 2006/01/06 - 2006/01/21
instituce: National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)
typ výstavy: autorská

Hall 5

The Exhibition of the Austrian Artist OnaB Works sponsored by National Art Museum of China lasts for 16 days from Jan.6th, 2006 to Jan.21st, 2006. This exhibition is organized by National Art Museum of China and Austrian Embassy. China and Austrian sides devoted large amount of manpower and material resources for this exhibition which is expected to do contributions for the bilateral cultural communications between China and Austria.

Ms. OnaB was born in 1957 in Vienna and has produced lots of art works since graduating from Vienna Practical Arts University. She is full of enthusiasm in painting, photography, installation, performance, music, etc. She keeps shooting films, making radio and video, opening personal website, publishing CDs, and holding concerts in Vienna, Prague. These activities show her special charm and talent and make her enjoy great reputations in Austria and world-wide. The Austrian Post Administration issued stamps for the women arts group which she joined. Her works are collected by the museums in Vienna, Prague and Japan.

One of the characteristics of her works is the frequent use of red color. Ms. OnaB is sensitive to color like other female artists and red is the symbol of OnaB. In her works, red color indicated life, vigor and enthusiasm, symbolizes the process of artists themselves and outdo oneself. People sense the individual life and philosophy of surviving on deeper level after shocked by the contrast of color impulsions.

Besides, Ms. OnaB shows a brave awareness of outdo oneself in the variation of art styles like other artists of creating enthusiasm. She seems to erase the ambit among painting, photography, and installation and between articles and performance. She also seems to erase the ambit by symbolization, metaphor, hint and even body language among the figures as painter, designer, filmmaker, musician and multimedia producer; between arts main body objective world; between different cultures to represent the outstanding characteristics of modern arts. This exhibition presents 54 pieces of painting, photography and installation.

Nowadays, people from different places of different culture need more intercourses and communications. China and Austria produced the excellent cultures in their own history of civilization. The bilateral culture communication keeps going well. The officers, scholars and artists visit each other frequently. Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guangzhou have also held the exhibitions of modern arts and architecture from Austria. This exhibition will make Chinese audience know not only Ms. OnaB art style, but also the development of Austria and even the western countries in order to improve bilateral communications and understandings.