termín: 2004/01/28 - 2004/02/15
instituce: Display - Prostor pro současné umění / Space for Contemporary Art
typ výstavy: kolektivní

4 instant projects from 4 directions

Jesper Alvaer - Boris Ondreička - Robert Kuśmirowski - Little Warsaw

Display – space for contemporary art has been participating at the Centra project of collaboration of four galleries from the Visegrád region (Priestor, Raster, Trafó). access is the main result of this activity. Its principal idea is to combine the four artists/art-groups representing the energy of the four places. Display initiated communication between the chosen artists, and intermediated space for a joint project. The artists were asked to make a graphic design for a poster which could work as a sample of certain context. They were encouraged to start developing a network. The momentary or long-time arising ideas came into being. The project itself, consisting of thinking, travelling and designing, is a brand new product, accomplished in the very time of the meeting at the exhibition´s opening in Display. The encounter of four vectors, producing a joint trajectory. Something real and ephemere in the same time has occured. Instant access. The printed posters serve as "gallery guides" of the region. A pattern ...