A-Z: Die Sammlung Marzona / The Marzona Collection - #4/9 JKL

termín: 2014/11/25 - 2015/02/08
instituce: Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart
typ výstavy: kolektivní

Artist Ruth Buchanan (*1980) opened the "wild card" presentation, J-oker, with a large-scale intervention that was specially conceived for this exhibition series. She combined existing works from her archive, new pieces and works from the Marzona Collection into a site-specific interplay that moved with and against the conventional principles of collecting and exhibiting art. Under the title of K-ubus (in German Cube), the second room was devoted to geometric structures, which play a fundamental role in Minimal Art. This artistic occupation with the cube was further explored under the letter L in the third room, which showed works by the American artist Sol LeWitt.