FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum (FLICAM)

obec: Fuping (China)
adresa: Shaanxi Province
www: www.FLICAM.com

FLICAM (FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums) is located in the Fuping Pottery Art Village (FPAV). Fuping, Shaanxi Province, China. Fuping is a small town of population about half million. It is about 70 km northeast of Xian city, the most famous old capital of Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties in China.
The FPAV owns a 1000 acres land of Orchard, a modern tile factory, a 3-star hotel and a ceramic museum complex (FLICAM). In 2004, FLICAM build 3 major exhibition halls. It inaugurated with an international program and hold the 1st International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association (ICMEA) Symposium. In the meeting, we had a Fuping Declaration and formed ICMEA. We will gather once every three years. The chairperson will be in turn. The Chairperson of 2004 ICMEA is Janet Mansfield and for 2004-2007 term,the chairperson is Gabi Dewald. A symposium proceedings "Ceramic Editors 2004" was published. ICMEA will always have a World Emerging Ceramic Artists Exhibition. Works are selected by editors.
The purpose of FLICAM is for international exchange of contemporary ceramic art. The program is a dynamic process. Namely, we mingle museum and residency program together. We build museums for countries or areas and invite their artists to Fuping to create ceramic work. FLICAM will only exhibit their work done in Fuping in their museum and possible to exhibit them in the other part of China or the world. Artists may come again and again and treat Fuping as their work base. So, we are creating a living museum. Not like other museums, they just collect and exhibit, a still type process.
In 2005, we erected two international museums. The French Museum opened in July 31. Ten French artists came and did their work in one month and all the work are permanently exhibit in the museum. 20 more artists will come from France in the next few years and the program is sponsored by China-France Culture Year, Atelier d'Art de France and the Entre-Autre. Then, in November 13, 2005 the Scandinavia museum opened, 5 Danish artists came and did their work in Fuping in 2004 and 10 Sweden and Norwegian artists came in 2005 and did art work in Fuping. More Scandinavia artists will come in 2006 and about 8 artists will come from Finland in the Spring of 2008.
At the end of 2005, FLICAM made 2nd stage planning for the years 2006-2008. Australasia and USA museums are on schedule for 2007 (at least 30 artists will come). We may choose same other countries of American continent such as Canada and Mexico for the year of 2007. For 2008, we intend to build 4 parallel buildings for western Europe three countries namely the Great Britain, the Hollend and the Belgium. We are also planning a hall for Germany and Italy in 2008. The museum architecture reflects local landscape such as loess caves, tomb and brick structures.
More museums will be added for Eastern European, Mediterranean, African and Asian. The International Ceramic Academy General Assembly meeting will be held in Xi'an in the fall of 2008 and the closing ceremony will be held in FLICAM, Fuping.
We are building our website www.FLICAM.com you can visit it but it needs to be improved.