Nau Gallery

rok vzniku: 2013
obec: Praha
adresa: Korunní 76, Praha 10 - Vinohrady


Nau Gallery celebrated a year since it first opened its doors to the public in February. The space which presents the work of young contemporary artists was set up to help shape and define the current Czech art scene and its public image. Exhibitions scheduled for this year include site-specific shows by individual artists. These shows are part of the artists’ language and a public-friendly, thematic addition to their work. The gallery’s goal is not only to mediate the sale of works, but also to foster dialogue between the author and the public, between artists and art-lovers. Genuineness, boldness and respect for one’s own work are features which link the artists represented by Nau Gallery: Vilém Balej, Nikola Čulík, Filip Horyna, Václav Misař and Ondřej Roubík.