Gal Amarsanee

* 1973, Ulanbátar, Mongolsko (Mongolia)


národnost: mongolská
pohlaví: muž

Galmandakh Amarsanaa was born in Ulaanbaatar in 1973. From 1980-89 he finished schooling at the 50th and 17th secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar. In 1991-93 he graduated from the Ulaanbaatar Fine Arts College. From 1994-97 he worked and achieved his degree from the Fine Art Institute, UB. From 2000-02 for his Masters degree, he combined art with educational management and is now completing his Doctors Degree.
From 1998-99 he was a designer at the Monro Inpex Company, where he produced designs for packaging and murals. From 2002 until the present he took up his position as a professor at the Fine Arts Institute. There are several exhibitions to his credit as 1998-2000 The Union of Mongolian Artists, where he painted the themes of “Hunter.” In 1999 at Our Graphics Exhibition he painted the theme of “Steppe People.” In fact, every year his well-known paintings are the subject of a local exhibition. He is represented at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar. In 2002 his art was displayed at the German Embassy, in 2005 in Milano, Italy his art was displayed under the title, “Taste of Mongolian Art.”