Laci Zajac

* 1978, Košice (Košice), Slovensko (Slovakia)


národnost: slovenská
pohlaví: muž

Laci Zajac was born in Kosice, Republik of Slovakia in 1978, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg (class of prof. Diet Sayler and prof. Claus Bury) 2000 and the Academia di Belle Arti, Palermo (class of prof. Marcello Faletra) 2002. He was assigned meisterschüler by prof. Diet Sayler (2004). In 2005 he created a foundation of the 3hoch3 aktionskonglomerat, a new space for the arts Nuremberg with Florian Tuercke and Ignazio Tola first collaborations with dancers and choreographers. He started his research studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg post graduate class of prof. Georg Winter, 2006.
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